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Welcome, and thanks for stopping by John's Plans and Kits.

On this site I will be showcasing the plans and kits for Giant Scale RC aircraft that I have available for purchase.  

For over 30 years I have been building, flying, and designing radio controlled aircraft.  Because of this I know what modelers are looking for in high quality plan sets, and pre-cut kits.  

All of the
plans that I have available are CAD designed, using the original full sized aircraft design drawings when available.  My plans are printed on high quality engineering paper, and show the full view of all formers.  Many plan sets are printed on lower quality paper to save money but these stretch and shrink over time causing your parts to come out the wrong size.  Also, some plans only show a half view of the parts and wing making you have to trace or invert to create the other side.  I know what a hassle this is, and you will not have to deal with this when you use my plans.

All of my
short kits are professionally precision laser cut.  Kits are cut directly from the dimensions in my plans for ease of building, and best possible fit.

Feel free to browse around the website.  If you should ever have any questions about my products or for support please
contact me through this site, or at john@johnsplansandkits.com

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COMING SOON:  More aircraft types.  PLEASE CHECK BACK OFTEN!!!


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